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This morning I woke up to sneezing sounds, five consecutive loud sneezes followed by a bout of coughing. It was my son announcing in his style the arrival of winter and along with it a string of allergies. He has been prone to a number of allergies especially when there is a shift in seasons. Come spring and the pollen content increases, he is affected with red eyes, so blood shot that it seems he is suffering from some kind of serious eye infection. As the season progresses it settles down automatically. My tall strong, athletic boy invariably turns into a red nose reindeer in the winter months. But now I have found the solution that will get rid of this permanently. His winter allergies too have a simple solution. THE ULTRASONIC HUMIDFIER.

It is time to bring out THE ULTRA SONIC LED AIR HUMIDIFIER AND DIFFUSER WITH COLOR CHANGING LIGHT. A small magical machine that helps keep at bay allergies and at the same time wards off coughs, itchy throats and dry skin. As a diffuser of your favorite aroma it helps you relax and sleep better as it bathes your surroundings with the scent of your choice. Simple to operate the ON/OFF switch controls the output. As the oil mixes with the water it comes out as mist, increasing the level of water vapor and removing the dryness in the surroundings. This ultra -silent machine holds 67 ounces of water and runs continuously for 6 hours. This humidifier is now a permanent fixture by his bed side. It shall stay there all through winter. The changing light features giving the room an amazing and attractive look.

Before I discovered this practical solution to the common winter allergies of dry skin, chapped lips and nose bleeds, I had spent ridiculous amounts of money on creams and drops but with limited results. Now, using the humidifier I know that I am attacking the source of the problem that is the dry surrounding atmosphere! Increasing the level of humidity in the surroundings is the solution and THE ULTRA SONIC LED AIR HUMIDIFIER AND DIFFUSER WITH COLOR CHANGING LIGHT does it ably. Being a diffuser of scents as well, I often put eucalyptus oil and soon the room is bathed in its subtle fragrance, I am able to achieve a dual purpose as it is known to open up blocked sinuses too. This ULTRASONIC HUMIDIFIER is now a permanent fixture in all rooms. An ideal and easy way to protect all family members no matter how old from all winter related allergies.

We, at StyleAsia are the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor of this practical and peerless creation from brand North Point. A brand that has established an identity for style, substance and quality. Please feel free to connect with us or contact at your convenience. We shall be highly honored if we can help you and your family ward off all the winter wiggles with this little magic machine. A humidifier and diffuser with aromatherapy is what will drive the winter blues away.