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Every day, without fail I listen to the weatherman explain the diagram before him, more out of habit than need. Over the past one week I have been enjoying his report immensely, only because he is announcing the definite onset of summer. Warm, bright and sunny days sound musical to my ears, the snow and sleet relegated to a distant memory.

Its time to unpack our outdoor BBQ unit, wash the tools and prepare for the first barbecue gathering of the season. Every year, most weekends are spent in the company of family and friends doing what we do best grill and giggle and guffaw.

The following weekend is to be our first barbecue and tailgating marathon and the memory of last year’s infamous instance of serving some pieces of undercooked steak makes me shrivel up with embarrassment. The humor and sarcasm has still to stop! “The pork is so raw it’s still singing Hakuna Matata.” “This potato is so undercooked it could still play a part in Toy Story.” These famous one liners by Gordon Ramsey were the ones used! All said in fun and gest but frankly I was mortified at the faux pas. This year I decided that I was leaving nothing to chance. No guessing the doneness of the meat by looking at its color. I have bought my self the Poultry and Steak 4Pc Mini Thermometer. Easy to read, the display shows rare, medium as well as well-done. So, all tastes will be efficiently catered to. I endeavor to ensure the food served is nothing short of perfect! With the degrees showing the doneness of the meat, I am ready to master the heat.

The set includes 2 steak and 2 poultry thermometers. Simple to use, just stick the stainless-steel end into the thickest part of the meat and get the reading, ensure the meat you serve your guests is at the correct temperature. The coating around the dial allows you to comfortably handle the thermometers without the heat scalding your fingers. I so wish in earnest that this purchase had been made earlier, it would have saved me plenty of blushes. But all is well that ends well, this year there is no room for error and so I can confidently plate and serve the meat without having to wonder if the meat is overdone or raw.

We, at Style Asia carry the entire range of JIM BEAM Barbecue and Tailgating accessories. JIM BEAM a brand synonymous with quality and value has successfully created a practical and useful combination in the Poultry and Steak 4Pc Mini Thermometer. Never leave the taste of your food or the preference of your guest to chance. The Poultry and Steak 4Pc Mini Thermometer gives you full control over what you serve. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience, we shall be highly honored if we can partner with you as you serve the meat as per the preference of every friend and family member. We wish that you may always be surrounded by good friends enjoying a great barbecue.